Saturday, February 6, 2010

Skin Food (Special Skin Care) - Pineapple Series (Regenerate)

Skin Food (Special Skin Care)
Pineapple Series (Regenerate)

Pineapple Repair Serum
(Retail:$37, Our Price:$27.75)

This soothing serum containing pineapple extract provides effective care for dry, dead skin.
Aloe, sophora flavescens, purslane, and holly hock extracts soothe skin, providing moisturization to rough skin.

After peeling, apply all over face and pat gently to absorb.

Pineapple Morning Peeling Gel
(Retail:$35, Our Price:$26.25)

This deep peeling gel containing cellulose particles and AHA from apple effectively exfoliates dry skin and eliminates sebum in pores.
Pineapple, aloe, and purslane extracts make skin clear and blemish-free.

Use: After washing and towel-drying, massage onto face in a circular motion, and rinse with warm water.

Pineapple Repair Cream
(Retail:$37, Our Price:$27.75)

This soft repair gel cream containing pineapple extract makes skin lustrous, while instantly soothing and moisturizing skin that has become sensitive from peeling.

After serum, apply gently onto face.

Pineapple Morning Peeling Soft
(Retail:$32, Our Price:$24)

This peeling toner gel containing natural cellulose from cotton fiber gently exfoliates the dry surface layer of skin.
Pineapple, aloe, and purslane extracts soothe sensitive skin.
Easy and convenient way to prepare skin in the morning, for flawless makeup.

After washing and before toner, shake well and apply sufficient amount onto cotton pad.
Wipe face gently with cotton pad in a circular motion, avoiding eye and mouth areas, and rinse with warm water.


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