Saturday, April 10, 2010

Skin Food - Nail Care

Coffee Almond Nail Scrub
(Retail:$18, Our Price:$13.5)

An effective nail scrub containing small grains of sugar and apricot stones that can remove dry, dead skin from nails. It contains coffee and almond oils for moisture and nutrition, thereby making clean and smooth nails.

Apply a small amount of nail scrub to skin around the nails. Massage gently for a while, and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Coffee Milk Nail Balm
(Retail:$20, Our Price:$15)

A highly moisturizing and nutritive coffee milk nail balm containing a mixture of brown balm (made from coffee oil) and white balm (made from) soft milk extract. It is designed to prevent and alleviate brittle and cracked nails.

Apply the mixture of white and brown balms to your nails and surrounding skin and massage gently to absorb.

Carrot Nail Balm
(Retail:$10, Our Price:$7)

Enriched with moisturizing agents and natural oil that is an excellent emollient agent, this nail care balm prevents nails from breaking, keeping skin around them soft and moist.

Apply thoroughly onto nails and surrounding skin. More effective if sufficient amount is applied before going to bed.

Nail Vita Essence
(Retail:$5.5, Our Price:$3.9)

Enriched with vitamins and keratin, this nail essence provides nutrients to nails, preventing them from breaking and cracking .

Apply often to nails to prevent them from breaking and cracking. After trimming, apply onto nails.
Color may vary depending on number of coats applied.

Almond Moisture Nail Essence
(Retail:$12, Our Price:$9)

Containing almond oil rich in vitamins, this refreshing, lotion-type nail essence prevents nails from breaking and cracking, keeping them lustrous and healthy.

Apply onto nails and gently massage to absorb.

Olive Cuticle Remover Pen
(Retail:$12, Our Price:$9)

Olive oil nutrients soften cuticles around nails, helping to remove them easily with a pusher, for neat and clean nail care.

Apply to cuticles around nails, and rub gently, using the attached applicator.
When cuticles become soft, remove them with pusher.

Jojoba Oil Nail Essence
(Retail:$12, Our Price:$9)

This rich oil nail essence containing jojoba oil nourishes and moisturizes dry nails that lack nutrition.

Apply to nails and lightly massage to absorb.


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